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Learning about food, cooking and healthy eating is a fundamental part of every child’s education.
Fun Food Academy offers primary schools one-off cooking sessions specifically designed for individual year group classes. Elements of the National Curriculum
are combined with cooking skills and techniques to provide the children with a unique and relevant learning experience. Tasting and discovery activities as well as themed cooking sessions for the Ancient Greeks, Victorians, Aztecs, Egyptians, to name a few, put the icing on the cake for many topics covered in the curriculum.

Cooking provides the perfect forum for supporting all curriculum subjects including: Science, Maths, Geography, History, Literacy and R.E. Children are captivated, stimulated, educated and have a great time cooking with their class. Everyone is always proud of the food they have made, which they take home at the end of the day.

Please talk to Sarah on:
01243 787766 to discuss your school's specific requirements in order to create an amazing cooking experience for the children at your school.



A great way to raise money for your school. Fun Food Academy will provide you with posters, leaflets and tickets for an action packed two hour Cooking Workshop, open to all year groups throughout the school.

The children have a fantastic time, making two recipes and playing a foodie game. At the end of the cooking workshop, the children take away the food they have made along with a recipe sheet to encourage more cooking at home.

Using our free advertising and the help of the PTA to sell as many tickets as possible (up to 50 at each event) this is a unique, exciting and educational way for the children to get involved with helping to raise money for their school.

Read our testimonials:

Bosham School said: "We have had several of these fantastic events at Bosham and the children always have a fabulous foodie time raising money for our school."

Abbey Primary School said: "So easy to organise, and easy to sell the tickets, we always have a great response. Children love to cook and Fun Food Academy make sure the children have a great time cooking.

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