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Fun Food Fairs, Fetes & Festivals

Fun Food Academy brings a unique cooking experience to your food fair, fete or festival. A chance for kids to really get involved in the day, have something to show for their efforts and, best of all, eat! Children get busy in our cookery tent, creating delicious, healthy food to take away and eat whilst exploring and enjoying the rest of the event.
Everyone's a winner - parents love it because their children are occupied doing something creative, educational and fun. Kids love it because they get to cook, taste, create and eat something that they have proudly produced.


Fun Food festival days are packed with children who come to cook healthy, wholesome food in our cookery tent.

Suitable for all ages from tiny to teenagers, sessions run in thirty minutes slots throughout the day. Parents can leave their children in our safe hands while each child creates their own delicious food to take away.

Rain or sun, the children will have plenty of foodie fun!

Fun Food Academy is super organised, reliable and efficient in its operation. A great deal of time and effort goes into planning and preparation for each and every individual event,so that when it comes to the big day you can relax in the knowledge that you have a professional team on site.
If you want to provide your customers with a novel and exciting, healthy and creative, hands on experience for their children to enjoy, then Fun Food Cooking is the way to go.
All our cooking is vegetarian and we stick to using fresh, natural ingredients with NO NUTS.

“Fun Food were amazing, they really added a new dimension to our festival”. “They were inundated with keen young cooks all over the weekend. The children created delicious delights which they couldn’t stop talking about and eating”. Chichester Food Festival.

For more information and bookings email Sarah or call: 01243-787766.