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Fun Food Academy, established in 1998 by Sarah Maxwell, sets out to give children the opportunity to experience the world of food. Having cooked with over two thousand 4-11 year olds, we know that children are fascinated by food and love the fun of preparing, cooking and, in most cases, eating it. When children come to cook with the Fun Food Academy they come to take part in a complete cooking experience.

Cooking individually with our equipment and ingredients, children have fun relating to other children and our staff, whilst independently creating their own edible delights to take home. The entire spectrum of cooking topics is covered through our workshops, parties and work in schools.

Our special techniques and methods of teaching encourage children to actually absorb and remember specific skills and methods of cooking as well as information about ingredients and how to prepare them.

Fun Food Academy is used to accommodating children with special dietary requirements such as allergies, diabetes, lacto and wheat intolerance or additive sensitivities. All the food and ingredients used for cooking are vegetarian and as children take home all the food they cook, parents have the opportunity to vet what their children eat and in what quantity! Children with minor special learning needs or disabilities are welcome at all our events. Parents should always discuss special situations with us at the time of booking an event. Fun Food Academy is a partnership run by Sarah and her husband, Paul. Both partners are DBS checked and have first aid training.

Kids love cooking, it’s our pleasure to show them how......